1.Product after - sales service terms

First, the terms of service

Where to buy through Huaxiang financial channels or approved channels to join Huazhen Rong end products, including: POS terminal host, password keyboard, you can enjoy the

products we provide you warranty service (except for paper, wire and gifts).

2.the general warranty terms

1. Township international trade to sell products to customers 365 days a year service, service hours: 7: 00 ~ 23: 00.

If you have the relevant technical and after-sales problems,

1) can call the national service hotline: 4006-520-589;

2) or call the nearest customer service center phone, see "Hua Zhi financial services network."

2. POS terminal host and password keyboard from the date of the factory (the date of delivery of the product to the date of the company), within a year of non-human damage

performance failure, according to the terms of the warranty in our customer service center to enjoy free maintenance services The

(Except for contract or order agreement!)

3.the warranty terms

1. Product or its parts exceeds the specified warranty period;

2. Product or its parts are not in accordance with the product manual required to use, maintenance, maintenance caused by damage;

3. Damage caused by the use of mistakes such as falling, squeezing, flooding;

4. In the transport, unloading process caused by the failure of the buyer;

5. Due to natural disasters (floods, fires, lightning, etc.) caused by force majeure damage;

6. Without the authorization of the manufacturer to dismantle the product, repair, modification caused by the failure;

7. Due to the use of non-manufa cturers approved accessories and supplies (adapters, batteries, etc.) caused by the failure;

8. Any product, such as the product, the serial number and serial number marked on the product, have been changed, deleted, moved or unrecognizable;

9. Does not belong to the warranty within the scope of Hua-ren financial customer service center will provide paid maintenance services, specific paid service charges, please consult the local customer service center. If the customer needs to carry out extended warranty service, will be in accordance with the annual 15% of the renewal fee charged. As mentioned above, if there is any change, the relevant laws and regulations of the Company or the relevant laws and regulations for national renewal shall prevail. Shenzhen Hua Zhi Rong Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation of the above content.

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