If you want us to repair the fault terminals, please contact with WAYPOTAT guy to confirm it first. And then you can send them to our HK's address:(before shipment, kindly contact your sales

Note: 1) All returns must be sent carriage-paid.

2) Please send the original wrapping with in other parcel in order to avoid that it gets damage.

3) Do not sent accessories together with your repair (cables, battery, etc.)

After-sale Service

Phone support

Technicists provide project inquiry, failure diagnosis and instructive technology service through service hot line.


Remote support

When problem can not be solved by phone or there is a complex bug, we will use our remote monitoring center to monitor and diagnose.


On-site support

When phone support and remote support can not solve the problem, or customer requests something, after-sale service department will send out professional after-sale technicist and serve our customer on site.


WAYPOTAT Service Promises

Promise 1. After-sale staff gives the quickest reply to customer’s feedback to shorten customer’s waiting time.


Promise 2. Promise to use our best service attitude, and to provide customers standardized service.


Promise 3. During the warranty period, in normal circumstances, provide free parts warranty. Outside the warranty period, only cost a small amount of maintenance fee.(state: physical damage and natural disaster not included)

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