an innovative mobile payment terminal, connects with mobile phones and otheer smart devices via Bluetooth,Combined with multiple applications and networks while providing portable intelligent mobile inquiry solution,Small and portable,easy operation, safe


K6600 is a professional financial  mobile phone POS terminal ,with built-in specially encrypted Pin Pad, secure full-scopes of payment with encryption pack by security chipEven if the data is intercepted maliciously, the pos will not be encrypted .It ad


l  Advance capacitive screen

5” HD (720 x 1280)

Industrial grade sensitivity, works with gloves and wet fingers

l  Powerful data collection

8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera


32 bits high performance processor with RSA accelerator 

2inch thermal printer with high speed ( 38mm*57mm (diameter*width)) 

Support MSR track 2/3 or track 1/2/3 (optional), bi-directional MSR, ISO-7810/7811 

Support ICC reader, one user slot, comform

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